AMC do Brasil's very own Information and Technology team employs highly qualified and skilled developers, technologists and architects with extensive experience in database management and the development of operational tools and solutions to enhance productivity in all areas of the organization, and allowing us to pave the way for efficiency, cutting-edge technologies, and safety.

Our in-house built,and web based, AMC Portal is a trailblazing tool through which collections, collateral, receipts, and expenses are effectively managed and controlled.

Each module and feature of the AMC Portal was developed with a view to optimizing and streamlining workflows, allowing close follow-ups and the global management of each stage of collections and servicing in real time.

Because AMC Portal is an in-house developed product, it is highly customizable and can be tailored to suit assignors and assignees' particular needs and privacy and security requirements.


Curitiba: 0055 (41) 2141-8400
São Paulo: 0055 (11) 2175-8500

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