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AMC do Brasil has been at the forefront of the Brazilian securitization market of receivables and has accumulated solid experience spanning over 18 years of work in the commercial and finance sectors.

AMC do Brasil offers a full range of services relating to the securitization of receivables, with market leading expertise in the appraisal and pricing of performing and non-performing loans portfolios, providing thorough counseland support toits clients throughout the acquisition processand the running of portfolios of credit receivables.

Seamless efficiency and business acumen is applied to anticipating financial, commercial, and legal strategies with a view to maximizing results which, whenaligned with our professionals' noteworthy experience, cutting-edge IT solutions, and ourfull commitment in pursuing innovative solutions to meet clients and investors' needs are notable differential features and evident cues of AMC do Brasil's highly successful operational platform.

Mission Statement:

AMC do Brasil Group aspires to maintain a platform of securitization solutions underpinned by its ethical conduct, technical capabilities and expertise, respect for the individual, and optimization of results and excellence.

Our Vision:

To stand prominently in the market for its credibility; ensuring its sustainable growth, the consolidation of its procedures, and the continuing education and qualification of its workforce. To foster and strength the company's positionbuilt on its transparency, ethics, and ability to create trustworthy business relationships with a view to promoting investors, assignors, and partners' undisputable confidence in the securitization business.

Our Values:

Recognition of, and respect for the individual, integrity and transparency, commitment, resolution, creativity and expertise.

Strategic Pillars:

To adhere to the highest ethical standards and compliance with the law, Confidentiality, Continuous improvement, and to Strive toalways achieving best results.

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Curitiba: 0055 (41) 2141-8400
São Paulo: 0055 (11) 2175-8500

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